“the BENEFITS of Mental illness”- a PHENOMENAL Transition!

A refreshingly different view of 'Mental Illness'. Shaman’s - Sickness..

Just one "knock-out" blow for mainstream Psychiatry, where the DSM is used to diagnose Mental Disorders, is when the Person(s) experiencing Mental Health Problems reports that they are 'hearing voices'. This can be one of the symptoms of Schizophrenia but some people 'hear voices' and they function very well in our societies! They are called "PSYCHICS" and these mainstream Psychiatrists haven't put 2 and 2 together apparently. 'Hearing voices' is just ClairAudience - when the Throat Chakra has been sufficiently enlivened!

Mainstream Psychiatry is already on the canvas, from what immediately precedes, but if you want a little more this Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) should be re-named "THE BOOK OF DIVERSION" because mainstream Psychiatrists use it to bypass the necessity to provide any Scientific Explanation for the report(s) of 'hearing voices' or any other commonly-reported phenomena associated with 'Mental Illness'. Confining ourselves to just these reports from the Mental Health Patients of 'hearing voices', 'visual hallucinations' AND 'Religious Delusions' what are we left to conclude about these frequent reports?

1/ that many of them colluded to tell the mainstream Psychiatrist(s) the same "story",

2/ they psychically tapped into the brains of other Mental Health Patients and seized this information OR

3/ they just ad-libbed and relied on the mainstream Psychiatrist's very active imagination and gullible nature!



Some discourse on the subject of Mental Illness would be a refreshing change because usually a view is presented as fact and there is no discourse involved at all. In the Mental Health Field there appears to be almost no exchange of ideas or meaningful information and the consequences of this is that almost all of the entire field lacks any scientific foundation!


Mainstream Psychiatry has completely misread what is occurring to their Mental Health Patient and shows a complete lack of Understanding! The Mental Health Sufferer is developing SPIRITUALLY and if a Psychiatrist had applied a "Long Game Analysis", as the very prominent U.S. Psychiatrist, Dr. Karl MENNINGER should have done over three decades ago, perhaps we'd be in a completely different situation now in the Western World! (see the yellow-highlighted section of MENNINGER's letter - ) As such this represents a very big MISSED OPPORTUNITY.! In contrast, another renowned Psychiatrist, R. D. LAING , is mentioned in the excerpt following and he is implying that he thought that something radically different to what mainstream Psychiatry understands is occurring to the patient - "But it was his 1967 work The Politics of Experience that caused the most controversy. Inspired by people like William Blake and Carl Jung, LAING argued that “madness need not be all breakdown, it can also be breakthrough”. In other words, psychotics are not always ill. On the contrary, many are striving for spiritual transcendence. Rather than locking them away and pumping them full of drugs, the psychiatrist should be more like a shaman, helping the patient to complete a spontaneous and natural process. " - half-way down page


I disagree with R. D. LAING's evaluation of the situation to a degree! I believe that the by-product of enlivening the three major Chakras concerned, the Heart, Throat and Brow Chakras, creates the Mental Instability and so any person experiencing a Severe and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM (S&CMHP) MUST be advancing Spiritually and I recommend that they seek a pair of Master or Mistress 3rd Initiates (Shamen or Shamanesses) or one of each gender. In reality Psychiatrists just have "a bit of paper" (degree) and this "bit of paper" doesn't necessarily correspond to knowledge! Also only the Master or Mistress are capable of Initiating the neophyte.


Why mainstream Psychiatry is invalid is revealed in the following information. A renowned Psychiatrist, Dr. Niall McLAREN, comments about Psychiatry - "Psychiatry as Bullshit". Further, another (now deceased) Psychiatrist implies exactly the same thing in the many books he had published on the subject. One of Dr. Thomas SZASZ's books is titled - Psychiatry: THE SCIENCE OF LIES .

Very few people have my knowledge about what happens during the Recovery Phase from what I term a Serious and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM¹ (S&CMHP). I only know because a number of factors occurred concurrently - the most important of which was that my long-term Therapist was a Jungian psychologist.

I usually term Mental Illness a Serious and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM (S&CMHP) because I wish to avoid all of the 'LABELS' associated with conventional Mental Health Treatment - always the most efficient Treatment is "Integrate the Unconscious" as Sigmund FREUD stated! (The terms "the Unconscious" and SUB-conscious Mind can be used interchangeably.)

Sometimes these Psychiatrists argue over what type of Disorder the person is suffering from and it is entirely irrelevant as the only way to recover from a S&CMHP is to deal with the issues emanating from the SUB-conscious Mind! These issues emanating from the SUB-conscious Mind will be naturally dealt with without intervention(s) - but it takes time. Targeted treatment, such as Jungian Analysis, will speed the process and reduce the likelihood of something untoward occurring.

There are at least four recognised methods of accessing and dealing with issues emanating from the SUB-conscious Mind - Dreams , Meditation , SandPlay , Art Therapy.

Eventually I took control of my own Treatment - intensively researched Dreams, investigated my own Dreams and I Journaled my Dreams for about 6 years. I relied heavily on Alice Ann BAILEY but strangely AA Bailey does not place much emphasis* on developing the Chakras (see image following) - Carl JUNG did however (Kundalini Yoga).

I have a logical objective in introducing the subject of Chakras into this explanation about 'Mental Illness' because it seems that their enlivenment is the reason why 'Mental Illness' occurs! In the process of enlivenment of these Chakras - particularly the Heart, Throat and Brow/3rd Eye Chakras - 'Mental Illness' is experienced as there is an accompanying temporary imbalance(s) or a fluctuation(s) (experienced as Mental Distress) associated with the enlivenment of these Chakras. This 'Mental Illness', therefore, is just a transient phase experienced by the person! Like in Puberty the person gets accustomed to the hormonal changes the Mental Health Sufferer learns to, albeit SUB-consciously most often, mentally balance the additional energy available to them.

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1st Initiation (or lead-up to)

What the Psychiatrists term 'Religious Delusions' is actually confirmation that the Heart Chakra has been enlivened! This 1st Initiation is known as "birth of the Christ Principle, the Christ Consciousness, in the cave of the heart (Chakra)" - second paragraph of the hyperlinked-to web-page.

Inspection of the Table on the first page (Page 2a) of the Attached file, correspondencesWithAmentalHEALTHfacility.pdf, reveals startling parallels between Psychiatric symptoms of 'Mental Illness' and commonly-known psychic phenomena! No-one to date has explained the reason for these correlations BUT I have an explanation which fits all of the commonly-accepted data/information - the person is DEVELOPING SPIRITUALLY AND PSYCHIC ABILITIES ARE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT!!

This is the fundamental problem with Psychiatry - there are no OBJECTIVE TESTS!

Psychiatrists have this Mental Status Examination (.MSE.) - but its really child-like, almost a tick-the-box procedure!

For all the paperwork produced, with me it was voluminous - I was amazed at the thickness of my file, and they still didn't get it right! The Psychiatrists were very vindictive and were on a POWER TRIP! Psychiatrist's judgement is often error-prone - see "THE ROSENHAN EXPERIMENT".

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2nd Initiation (or lead-up to)

"Pills for Your Ills"

For instance when the Throat Chakra, the most powerful Chakra, is being enlivened Panic Attacks occur apparently. (I cannot guarantee that this is true but I know that my Panic Attacks occurred very soon after my complete collapse and discontinued after a year or so. I presume that these Chakras are sequentially enlivened, progressing up the body, so this particular Chakra - the Throat Chakra, would be therefore enlivened fairly early in the process.) Associated with the enlivenment of the Throat Chakra the person becomes ClairAudient and Psychiatrists, who have never stumbled across this word in a dictionary apparently, call this 'hearing voices'. An organisation, Hearing Voices Network, has been established for three decades by a Psychiatrist, Professor Marius ROMME, and this network deals with this phenomena with a much more positive attitude than standard Psychiatry!

Fully enlivening the Throat Chakra is a necessary requirement before the 2nd Initiation can proceed

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3rd Initiation (or lead-up to)

With the full enlivenment of the Brow Chakra the person adds psychic sight to the already-developed ability of ClairAudience - this is why the Brow Chakra is also known as the 3rd Eye. Again, apparently, Psychiatrists don't appear to have realised that psychics are ClairVoyant and this is the explanation for what they term 'visual hallucinations'. I suggest that Psychiatrists remove themselves from their text books and 'scientific' research papers and return to PLANET EARTH for at least a short visit!

Fully enlivening the Brow Chakra is a necessary requirement before the 3rd Initiation can proceed.


If you read the following section headed, “the BENEFITS of Mental Illness”, you will understand that 'Mental Illness' is not all bad. Its just that it is, in most cases, mishandled in our Western Culture according to Dr. John READ, Professor of Clinical Psychology - University of East London, where he mentions that, "The average Recovery Rate for the Western World with all its sophisticated diagnoses and medications and highly paid experts is about ⅓rd ... the Recovery Rate for Developing World is about ⅔rds." - in the video trailer for crazywise - from the 46 second mark onwards.

'Mental Illness' is therefore a DEVELOPMENT PHASE that all humans must eventually pass through like Teething in a child, Puberty in a youth and Pregnancy for most of the females of any species. The process of Recovering from Mental Illness usually takes at least a decade but this can be speeded up by using what is known as Jungian techniques in our era. (2½ millennia ago similar techniques were practised in ancient Greece in the Temples of Asclepius.)

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The (now-deceased) leader in U.S Psychiatry, Dr. Karl MENNINGER, recorded an observation in correspondence to a colleague, the noted anti-Psychiatrist Dr. Thomas SZASZ, something he did not understand (menningerSZASZletters.pdf) - see the yellow-highlighted section. MENNINGER termed this unusual (to him) observation "Weller Than Well". This "anomaly" doesn't appear to have been ever investigated by Psychiatry! My contention is that the person(s), who became "Weller than Well", have fully enlivened the Chakra(s) concerned and very likely have been Initiated and therefore have settled down emotionally.


To me the esteemed Dr. Karl MENNINGER not continuing on this line of inquiry, about this "Weller Than Well" phenomena, is a frightful scientific oversight!

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The IDIOCY of Psychiatry!

The fifth Attachment is a Landscape, SpreadSheet (initiatoryFRAMEWORK.pdf)², which reveals what is occurring in the Recovery Phase from a Severe and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM (S&CMHP) - Initiation 1 , then on to the 2nd Initiation through to the 3rd Initiation (or the 1st MAJOR Initiation ³). This file is an updated version of what is presented on the Natural Human Development web-site, the Psychiatry Exposed site and also the www.black-OP.org site.

2.The fifth Attachment, the most updated form of this (initiatoryFRAMEWORK.pdf) file, is dated 2/5/2018. I still have some updating to do on this file - the Transpersonal Chakras (the Chakras above the head).

The file (dimensions.pdf) is mentioned on the first page of the (initiatoryFRAMEWORK.docx) file below the SpreadSheet - *** and on the second page in Point 3/.

3. using the hyperlink - locate the paragraph starting with "The third initiation ...". The block of 5 MAJOR Initiations are two component - i.e. a Physical Component and a Spiritual Component (see initiatoryFRAMEWORK.docx, third column - TYPE)..

The Attached file, (the_"HOLY_GRAIL".pdf), is confirmation of my reasoning that the Chakras are involved in these Initiations. Something is needed to stratify these Initiations that I progressed through I understood and I couldn't posit anything other than these Chakras would do so. The files referred to in the last paragraph of Page 6 of (the_"HOLY_GRAIL".pdf) file - (firstFIVEinitiations.pdf), (firstSEVENinitiations.pdf) and (CHAKRASdiscussed.pdf) - are Attached.

My understanding is that any Drug interferes with this DEVELOPMENT in any being so using them may create more problems than they 'solve' - i.e. the "revolving door syndrome" - if you give someone an anti-psychotic drug it actually alters the patient's brain - changes their brain's architecture*, so making it more difficult to recover and hence the patient is more likely to return for more 'treatment'!

*view Robert WHITAKER's - Part 1: The Roots @ the 21:45 minute Mark onwards

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"the BENEFITS of Mental Illness"

Few people understand, and even fewer openly advertise, that Mental Illness is actually a VERY EMPOWERING EXPERIENCE. The “sufferer” BENEFITS fantastically! The Mind is being SUPER-CHARGED and Mental Illness should be called Shaman’s - Sickness because it takes some time for the person to manage the upgrade. A whole web-site, independent from me, has been devoted to the belief that Mental Illness Development is in reality a FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY and this attitude is indicated its domain name – SUCCESSFUL Schizophrenia!

Famous People who have had Mental Illness

There are other individuals/groups advertising the POSITIVENESS of Mental Illness and one noted person doing so is Dr. Malidoma SOMÉ. The sentence, “That what we sometimes call depression, bi-polar, psychosis and schizophrenia, might actually be IS a significant transformation in consciousness and a necessary stage on the path of human development”, has been excerpted from this web-page. You can see that the author, Jayson GADDIS, considers that all of these Psychiatric Disorders] to be similar. I do too – BECAUSE THE MOST EFFECTIVE TREATMENT IS ALWAYS “INTEGRATE THE SUB-CONSCIOUS (MIND)”. In doing so the Mind becomes more powerful! Thus I simply call all of these TERMS, that Psychiatrists apply to someone experiencing a Severe and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM (S&CMHP) - “LABELS”

view the CRAZYWISE video - a very different understanding of Mental Illness is presented

I can only describe my experience, through this Recovery Phase from my OPPORTUNITY, as fascinating! I somehow got the notion that my Recovery would be dependent on what I learnt and how I applied this learning. I initially was recommended to do Dreams in one-to-one therapy, by the Jungian psychologist I was referred to after my complete collapse, when I needed to take two weeks off work because of the Mental State I was in from bouts of Chronic Depression. I did not take an interest then and it was only later in Art(s) Therapy Class, where my psychologist interpreted a fellow-patient’s Dream, that I did. I understood the connection(s) between the Dream, my Therapist’s interpretation of that Dream AND how I perceived this fellow-patient to be and I began researching Dreams and journaling them avidly!

My interpreting of Dreams was the mainstay for my Recovery and I can’t overemphasise their importance and my indebtedness for the guidance from my Jungian psychologist. still use them now - over 30.years later!

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John.PINK - B..Met. (tech). www.NaturalHumanDevelopment.com pinkii [at] aapt.net.au

MAD IN AMERICA – newsletter

Pharmagunndon in America

These gun massacres did not start until the introduction of anti-Psychotic/anti-Anxiety Drugs - so you work out who is responsible for the deaths, fear and carnage - Stephen PADDOCK! It is well-known that anti-Psychotic Drugs worsen the long-term outcomes and indeed make the brain super-sensitive.

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frightful COST!

  • PS1

    The newspaper clipping Attachment - SydneyMorningHerald*.JPG, gives some idea of the burden of Mental Illness on a western nation - 12% of the GDP! Mental Illness costs Australia much more than the entire annual Social Security & Welfare Budget which is estimated to cost $158.6 billion for the 2016-17 period.

  • PS2

    Professor Peter GØTZSCHE, Director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre, has produced a review for the Dutch Parliament - "Our lethal and highly costly Drug Epidemic" - 29 March 2016. (I particularly like the cartoons on Pages 16 & 17.)

  • PS3

    The attitude of Psychiatry staff towards a poor, suffering Mental Health Patient is clearly displayed in this video ! I realised that it would just suit everybody; the Police, the Government, the hospital and various other interested parties if I died when I was Involuntarily Admitted - Psychiatry truly is an Industry of DEATH !

  • PS4

    The best explanation I have seen about Mental Illness actually being the Preparatory Phase for someone to become a SHAMAN/SHAMANESS is given in the FOREWORD, Pages 11 and part of Page 12 of the 1091 pages of the treatise, SHAMANISM - An Encyclopedia of World Beliefs, Practices and Culture".

  • PS5

    anti-Psychiatry SCHOLARSHIP

    Assistant Professor Bonnie BURSTOW, of the Ontario Institute for Studies and Education (OISE) at the UNIVERSITY of ONTARIO, has established a SCHOLARSHIP where she will contribute dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000 for a student who submits the best anti-Psychiatry Thesis.

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  • PS6

    Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV (DSM-IV & DSM-IV-TR) new category "Religious and Spiritual Problems" Proposal for the NDE to be included in DSM-IV. DSM-5 The Blue Book.

    The Near-Death Experience is the Physical Component of the 4th Initiation. (or 2nd MAJOR Initiation) - see (initiatoryFRAMEWORK.pdf). The Crown Chakra needs to have been fully enlivened for this initiation to proceed.

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  • PS7


    Psychiatrists have played a role in the recognition of the “near-death” phenomenon as well as popularisation of the subject and subsequent research.1 Even before the term near-death experience (NDE) was brought to the public eye by a nascent psychiatrist, Raymond Moody, in his book Life after Life,2 another psychiatrist, Russell Noyes, wrote journal articles on the subject.3 Elis...

  • PS8


    My belief is that Psychiatry won't go the way of Phrenology, the now-discredited prediction system based on the shape of the skull, but it will be buried in an avalanche of court cases!! Here are some following.

    • Court Case I

      Breaches of Canada's Human Rights Obligations.

    • Court Case II

      Some ECT manufacturers did not obtain the correct approval before mass-market release. UPDATE

    • Court Case III

      I took the nut-job Psychiatrists to court for what they called 'CARE' and my Barrister wrote in the Statement of Claim as Assault, Battery and False Imprisonment - see Attachment (STATEMENTofCLAIM*.pdf). The matter was settled out-of-court after the Defendants applied, by way of Notice of Motion, for Mediation!

      What is missing on this Statement of Claim, referred to just-preceding, is the offence of "Defamation of Character"! This offence should have been added to the Criminal Offences of Assault, Battery and False Imprisonment - where False Imprisonment sits just below Manslaughter in the Criminal Code.

      My comment about the whole fiasco is that I didn't think that people with Degrees behaved like this! All the Psychiatrists did with respect to me was engage in CHARACTER ASSASSINATION!

      The other thing is that I don't rule out the possibility that the STATE guarantees that they will pick up the tab for any legal action taken out against the Psychiatrists!

    • Court Case IV

      A Canadian has taken his Psychiatrists to court over the Chemical Imbalance furphy.

    • Court Case V

      I contend that this situation of Psychiatrists Falsely Imprisoning people willy-nilly, without good reason, would be rectified really quickly if the people they Involuntarily Admitted and later oppose release in court to be released but are nonetheless released by the court, were to receive $8,000 per day* for half the interval between the two most recent court appearances** should no Criminal Conviction***, or instance where the Mental Health Act has been used to avoid Criminal Conviction** or incidence of self-harm be found against them within 12 months upon release from the Mental Health Facility.

      * or part thereof

      ** if there has been only one court appearance then the number of days for the $8,000/day calculation be taken as half the number of days from the date of Involuntary Admission to the date of the court hearing where the court determined that the person was determined to be fit for release into the community

      *** or pending Criminal Conviction or application of the Mental Health Act to avoid Criminal Liability


      Nothing in these terms prohibit the Involuntarily Admitted person claiming the full number of days detained at $8,000 per day* compensation or more!

      Of course should the decision, regarding the outstanding legal situation at the 12 month mark, go in favour of the previously Involuntarily Admitted patient then he/she is automatically awarded this sum of $8,000 per day*!

      There can be no reasonable objection against the awarding of $8,000 per day* because this indicates lack of the Psychiatrist's confidence in their own judgement!

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  • PS9

    Rosenhan Experiment

    These Psychiatrists can't tell the difference between the sane and the insane! Another video.

    The "follow-up" study was even funnier! This hot-shot Psychiatrist guaranteed that he'd be able to identify the pseudo-patients that the Professor of psychology - Dr. David ROSENHAN sent and he reported some. ROSENHAN said he'd sent none!

    silly Psychiatry BULLSHIT

    - anti-Psychiatry and anti-Medication song (take a look at the other Daniel MACKLER anti-Psychiatry songs/videos)

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If you think about it Psychiatry just collectivises SYMPTOMS into various classifications - e.g. BiPolar, Schizophrenia, etc., & whatever! This is like someone 'diagnosing' a vehicle with noise-under-the-bonnet 'problem' once the car's ignition switch has been activated.

The observation is correct, as the noise from under the bonnet became apparent after the ignition key was turned, but as far as a realistic appraisal of what has actually occurred the 'diagnosis' is not just useless but its also VERY misleading!

This is what the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) promotes. It bipasses the necessity to provide an explanation for the observation and diverts straight to a Psychiatric 'problem'.

This is really good for business for Psychiatrists but the intensity of the situation is necessary to transform the mind to operate in a more advanced manner - i.e. the involvement of the Psychiatrists is actually counter-productive to this AMAZING process taking place to the S&CMHP sufferer's Mind!

Somehow these well-known reports of 'hearing voices' and other well-known features of 'Mental Illness' have not been researched for the reason why they occur. This is FUNDAMENTAL SCIENTIFIC ERROR!

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If the Psychiatrists had any confidence in their trade they'd be willing to Guarantee their work. I doubt that you'll be able to get any Psychiatrist to sign the print-off document which is the last Attachment! - (PerformanceGuarantee.pdf)

The reason that a Psychiatrist will not sign-off on the Performance Guarantee is that their cure-rate is abysmal - see RECOVERY RATE.

I attempted to Google "Recovery Rate from Mental Illness" and there was few results - Recovery does not seem to be a high priority!

I mentioned to someone in the Spiritual Field that I could not find any interest in wh

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Robert WHITAKER, an award-winning Medical American Journalist, is the presenter in the foregoing video and the author of the following Summary.

Anatomy of an Epidemic: Summary of Findings. Dr. Ignaz SEMMELWEIS renowned for the saying "wash your hands"

- the Physicians QUACKS of the time ignored SEMMELWEIS' astoundingly low mortality rate and continued performing births without washing their hands after autopsies! (2nd para.)

"no test for Chemical Imbalance" Phrenology These Idiots have done this before! $198 million payout Difficult to explain Problems for Psychiatry a Psychiatrist's letter of resignation Soteria Israel someone's experience more "high ACHIEVERS" abducted into Psychiatric 'care' a Psychiatrist debunks mainstream PSYCHIATRY a VERY detailed destruction of Psychiatry 10 times as many Deaths as reported! Breaches of Human Rights Psychobabble results of publicly-funded Trials not published DETOX The way we diagnose Mental Illness might be a 'mistake' Sean BLACKWELL's Overview click on the 7:30 min presentation return to index