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BLADE Carbon Wheels - Spokes

BLADE® offers 3 spoke choices:

The standard spoke is the SAPIM CX-Delta (weight = 6.6 grams, 260mm).

If you are looking for any combination of white and black spokes, we offer the Pillar 1423 (weight = 6.5 grams, 260mm).

If you are looking to shed 100 grams off your wheels, you can upgrade to the SAPIM CX-Ray (weight 4.2 grams – 260mm).

You can be as creative as you want and choose all black and add 1, 2, 3 white spokes.   If you can explain to us how you want your spokes, we will make it happen.

They are your wheels so why shouldn’t you get exactly what you want.  That is what BLADE is all about “One of a kind”

The choice is yours!

Pillar – White and Black combination.  White Drive side / Black none drive side