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Why BLADE Carbon Wheels?

We are proud to introduce BLADE Carbon Wheels® to the Canadian market. Anyone who has switched to carbon fiber wheels can attest to their optimal quality and performance.

At BLADE®, our design criteria include the following:

hand-built with the highest craftsmanship
high quality components
great aerodynamics
affordable prices
100% Customizable
BLADE® wheels are sourced directly from the manufacturer keeping the purchase prince extremely reasonable for our customers. Advanced technology allows our lightweight carbon fiber wheels to be built for better handling, with exceptional aerodynamics.

Functionality and aesthetics of a road bike are so important to road cyclists. BLADE® offers the most customizable carbon fiber road cycling wheels in the North American Marketplace. We provide options to choose tubulars or clinchers, rim width and depth size, decal colour, carbon finish, spoke colour and free hub. At BLADE®, you can design your one-of-a-kind wheels to match your unique bike style!

Check out the Decal Colour Chart for options.

BLADE Carbon Wheels® were officially introduced in February 2014 at the Toronto Bicycle Show.

BLADE® is now the official wheel of the Canadian Road Cycling team. Our 50mm, black decal, glossy finish, 3-k weave, black spokes and nipple, white hub wheel will be seen in upcoming Canadian Road Cycling team races in 2016. These wheels have been UCI approved.

BLADE® is proud to be a Canadian Company.

Quality performance – Extreme freedom!