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About the program

The entire program, consisting of 5 additional full length videos, and resource hand-outs, is designed to give you the knowledge you need improve your heart health and over-all health. You will learn how to

  • implement Dr. Klein’s Healthy Heart dietary guidelines
  • The underlying causes of high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease
  • How to identify your underlying cause(s)
  • Choose food, nutrients and or supplements to address the cause(s) of the health issue(s) you are experiencing
  • Identify life-style factors related to cardiovascular disease and its risk factors
  • Implement simple resources and techniques to reduce stress
  • Choose best physical activity practices and understand how much of it is needed
  • Read your lab test results and understand what they mean in order to…
  • Determine your risk levels for a cardiovascular event (a heart attack or a stroke) and how to prevent a cardiovascular event
  • How to communicate with your doctor and ask for what you need and want
  • You will also receive the following discounts and gifts:
  • Two email correspondences to get your questions personally answered by Dr. Klein
  • If you choose to engage in a one hour personal consult with Dr. Klein, by phone, by video or in the office, you will receive 50% off on your first consultation ($120 instead of $240)
  • If you choose to, you will receive a free container of Dr. Klein’s Supplement approved by Health Canada for supporting Healthy cholesterol, blood Pressure and sugar levels – Dr. Klein’s Healthy Heart Plus, valued at C$44.99 (more info here
  • Program value: $1500

The cumulative duration of the program videos is approximately five hours and the knowledge and empowerment imparted to transform your health is invaluable. Spending that much time privately with Dr. Klein will total at approximately $1200. When you add the time allocation to answer your emails, the discount extended for your first consultation if you wish to accept it and the cost of the supplement offered, it all amounts to $1500.
The actual tuition is only C$195.

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While this program is not presented with a time limit and you could partake in this any time, following Dr. Klein’s guidance you’d be able to transform your health within weeks! You will learn how to predict your level of risk for a cardiovascular event and learn how to significantly decrease your chances of becoming a statistics of heart disease. So give yourself the gift of improved health, with higher energy levels, better quality of life, fewer or no medications.

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See what other program participants said about how this program transformed their health

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what they say

I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure for the first time. With Dr. Klein’s help I lowered my blood pressure within one week.

- (MK 64 year old male)

After my bypass surgery I was taking half a dozen heart medications, My blood pressure was still high and I wasn’t feeling well. Eight months into following Dr. Klein’s guidelines, I am on only one medication every other day, my blood pressure is normal and I am feeling a whole lot better.

- (EF 71 year old male)

Two years ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and inflammation in the blood. I followed Dr. Klein’s diet suggestions and took the supplements he recommended. The next blood test, a few months later, showed normal total cholesterol, normal LDL cholesterol and no inflammation.

- (EM 59 year old female)
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