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Can too Much Vitamin D be Toxic?

October 16 2014 in Uncategorized , Tags: Healthy Heart

Last week in my downtown Toronto Dr. Klein’s Healthy Heart program class, I suggested that most adults living in the Northern Hemisphere, should take about 4000IU or 5000IU of vitamin D 3 daily, in the fall, winter and early spring. I discussed some of its benefits to human health, beyond its importance in regulating blood pressure

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I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure for the first time. With Dr. Klein’s help I lowered my blood pressure within one week.

- (MK 64 year old male)

After my bypass surgery I was taking half a dozen heart medications, My blood pressure was still high and I wasn’t feeling well. Eight months into following Dr. Klein’s guidelines, I am on only one medication every other day, my blood pressure is normal and I am feeling a whole lot better.

- (EF 71 year old male)

Two years ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and inflammation in the blood. I followed Dr. Klein’s diet suggestions and took the supplements he recommended. The next blood test, a few months later, showed normal total cholesterol, normal LDL cholesterol and no inflammation.

- (EM 59 year old female)
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