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What you MUST know if you want to reverse Diabetes

17 December 2014 Uncategorized

One of my previously diabetic patients (and a student of Dr. klein’s Healthy Heart Program) recently shared with me interesting insight from her diabetes education group. She said that while her blood sugar levels have become normal again all of the people who attend the diabetes education group have gotten worse and many require more meds.

Why is it that almost every diabetic who receives treatment and guidance by the conventional medical system isn’t able to fully recover? The answer is really simple. Conventional treatment doesn’t address the underlying cause of diabetes. In the conventional model the focus of treatment is to limit the intake of sugar or to “count carbs”. At first this may seem logical, since diabetes is a condition of too much blood sugar. However, you can have two healthy people eating the same amount of sugar throughout their lives, yet one may develop diabetes, while the other doesn’t. Diabetes (non -insulin dependent diabetes) is primarily NOT a condition of consuming too much sugar but rather a condition of RESISTANCE to insulin. Insulin is a hormone required to help glucose enter your cells. In diabetes your cells become resistant to insulin, which limits its ability to help the entry of glucose into the cells. There are three to four key reasons for Insulin resistance.

Perhaps the most known cause of insulin resistance is overeating, which leads to obesity. Obesity is certainly closely related to insulin resistance and diabetes, and weight loss can go a long way to helping improve these conditions. However, there are other, closely related factors that aren’t well known.

The first is over consumption of vegetable oil. Vegetable oil such as Canola or soybean oil, has been presented to the public as a healthy type of oil, however it is nothing but. Vegetable oil is rich in polyunsaturated oil, which is a very unstable substance that can cause oxidation. Oxidation harms the cells and disrupts their ability to absorb glucose sugar efficiently. Over the past several decades, the consumption of vegetable oil has significantly increased and so has the incidence of diabetes. So it is important to avoid cooking with vegetable oil and use healthier traditional oils such as butter or coconut oil (Yes, I know saturated fat is supposed to be bad for you, but that’s wrong and this is a whole other topic for a different day).

The second factor in the onset of diabetes is stress. Constant high levels od stress result in the production of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. High cortisol levels raise blood sugar levels and contribute to insulin resistance. Certain vitamins, like vitamin C or herbs, such as ginseng or Rhodiola, as well as different relaxation techniques can help lower both cortisol levels and blood sugar levels.

The third factor is deficiency of key micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that the body requires to absorb and metabolize sugar, such as B vitamins, zinc and chromium. All the factors listed above. Overeating, consuming harmful oil and high stress levels, contribute to depletion of nutrients.

If you want to learn how you can beat the odds, overcome diabetes and restore your blood sugar levels, attend a free class of Dr. Klein’s Healthy Heart Program. Click on this link to locate a class near you or call 416-222-1300. Please reserve your seat in advance as seating capacity is limited.

In this class, class number one of Dr. Klein’s Healthy Heart Program I will discuss three common mistakes people make in managing their cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels that put them at greater risk for a heart attack or a stroke. I will also dispell a number of common misconceptions that most people buy into, which puts them at greater risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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what they say

I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure for the first time. With Dr. Klein’s help I lowered my blood pressure within one week.

- (MK 64 year old male)

After my bypass surgery I was taking half a dozen heart medications, My blood pressure was still high and I wasn’t feeling well. Eight months into following Dr. Klein’s guidelines, I am on only one medication every other day, my blood pressure is normal and I am feeling a whole lot better.

- (EF 71 year old male)

Two years ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and inflammation in the blood. I followed Dr. Klein’s diet suggestions and took the supplements he recommended. The next blood test, a few months later, showed normal total cholesterol, normal LDL cholesterol and no inflammation.

- (EM 59 year old female)
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