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fitmefit move App



The fitmefit move App is used to connect our activity monitors smartLAB move B and smartLABwalk B und the scales smartLABscale W and smartLABfit W. You can save with this app your values locally on your mobile device. This allows you to keep your movement and weight under better control.

The operator of the app is very easy made. You can navigate with Wipe in the app. The values are automatically transmitted from the activity monitor or scale. When you rotate your mobile device, you can view the history of your values. Either as a graphic or as a list of values.

You can choose between to main screens. The first main screen shows you the daily values of your movement.  The App will calculate and show for you the calories, Distance, walking minutes and METs. The second main screen will show you your measured weight. (fitmefit scale APP)

The app supports not only the weight but also other values ​​such as fat, muscle, etc .. derived from a body analysis scales like the smartLABfit W.

The app can also be used without a scale. You can enter your settings manually. Manual entry for steps is not permitted.

This version of this APP supports to connect to the following Systems. This allows you to document your values in these systems:

1- fitmefit (Steps and Body Analyzed Values)

2- Garmin Connect (Only Weight)

3- Google fit. (Steps and Weight)





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